Criminal law

You have received a written appeal from the police to report to the police station for questioning as a suspect.

You have been arrested because you are suspected of committing a criminal offense and are required to accompany the police to the station.

What should you do?

We recommend that you always consult an attorney before you report to the police station to make any statement. After all, your statement may be used as evidence against you, or against others by the court. It is very difficult to change a statement once it has been made. Therefore you should always consult your lawyer first.

In case you are arrested and brought to the police station, we recommend that you immediately request the assistance of an attorney before you make any statement. You can decide on which lawyer that should be, as you have a free choice of lawyers.

The lawyer will visit you at the police station within two hours. Except for of course during the nightly hours.

Please note that the cost of the visit of the attorney of your choice will be reimbursed by the government. The police should also refrain from questioning you until you have spoken to your lawyer. Your lawyer will explain what your rights are as a suspect and what awaits you. Your lawyer will also, where possible, discuss the case with you, and determine with you the defense strategy.

During your stay at the police station you can request to consult your lawyer by phone for questions or consultation. Our advice: always consult a lawyer before you talk to the police. This will avoid a lot of trouble.

Immigration law

The Immigration law is a jurisdiction that is very much in motion. It is also highly susceptible to the influences of European law.

Our office can assist, advice and counsel you in:

–          the application for an authorization for temporary residence (MVV);
–          the application for a residence permit;
–          the application for naturalization;
–          an appeal against a detention imposed on you;
–          setting up an appeal if you have received a negative decision or a refusal from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND);
–          submitting a request for waiver of the statement of undesirability, or submission of the objection and appeal against the decision for the statement of undesirability.

Please contact us for an appointment to see what is possible in your situation.

Juvenile law

If a parent can no longer take care for his child and the development of the child is in danger, the juvenile court can rule to put the child under supervision.
The authority of the parents will then be limited. The court will only approve a guardianship when requested. Guardianship can be requested by the (foster) parents, the caretaker/educator (no parent), The Council for Child protection (RvdK) and the public prosecutor.

Custodial placement
In principle, the child continues to live at home during the guardianship.

If it is necessary for the upbringing and care of the child, the family guardianship institution or RvdK can ask the court to put the child in custodial placement. The judge evaluates whether custodial placement is needed and determines how long it may last. The child then enters an orphanage or foster home.

Loth Rupert De Boer lawyers advises you to always consult a lawyer. Reality shows that the supplied documents (reports of the Council for Child Protection, Assistance Plans, etc.) may sometimes or often contain untruths. Also, certain situations are not placed in the proper context or are not sufficiently nuanced. Your lawyer can indicate this to the judge and is often successful in getting the judge on his or her side.

Contact Loth Rupert De Boer lawyers whether there is an impending case for guardianship or custodial placement or if a request has already been submitted. Then we can discuss the possibilities and impossibilities together. It is a precarious situation for you and your child(ren), Especially because you often have to deal with multiple instances. It is then very pleasant to know that you are not alone.